Saturday, July 9, 2016

Joyo Vintage Overdrive mod - Tube Screamer clone

The Joyo Vintage Overdrive JF-01 is a Tube Screamer guitar pedal clone.

I've checked it against the TS-808 Tube Screamer schematic, and what I've found is that it has the circuit, it also has the same components values of the Tube Screamer.
Indeed, at least to my ear, it's sounds like a TS-808.

But, because i would like to experiment a little, i apply some mod on this pedal.
I've basically given a little more distorsion to the pedal. I also add a "Fat" switch, to makes it sounds fatter, and I've replaced the two clipping diode with two 5mm IR leds. Also I've changed two electrolitics caps of this pedal with two film caps.

Below you can find my schematics.

I would like to thank my friend "Bond" that lends me his Tube Screamer clones, which I've used as reference in addition to a genuine TS-808 by Ibanez.

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  1. Hello David i have a cuestion, i need replaced de Capacitor 10? or add the new capacitor with fat switch?

    1. Hello, good question, It's not weel explained in my post above. Anyway, the fat switch select from the C10 cap between a 100nF or 390nF, but you can experiment other values that may sounds better to you.

  2. Hallo,if you can know how much the value of C2 and DO, less clear writing

    1. Hello, D0 is a 1n4004 it's just a reverse current protection diode, C2 is 100uF.